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all the drama queens have gone and the devil got dismayed : welcome to my world


Depeche Mode – Broken Lyrics If you want control without any pain How long will you suffer How long will you reign You see the friend that I knew cannot be found Replaced by another Wearing his crown There’s a place where I go without any sound Only you can reach me Only you’re allowed Then you’re so far away You’re so far from here Do you remember a time without...

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Depeche Mode – Heaven Lyrics Sometimes I slide away Silently I slowly lose myself Over and over Take comfort in my skin Endlessly Surrender to my will Forever and ever I dissolve in trust I will sing with joy I will end up dust I’m in heaven I stand in golden rays Radiantly I burn a fire of love Over and over Reflecting endless light Relentlessly I have embraced the flame Forever and...

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Depeche Mode – Angel Lyrics The angel of love was upon me And Lord I felt so small The legs beneath me weakened I began to crawl Confused and contented I slithered around With feelings beyond me I was lost I was found The angel of love was upon me And Lord I felt so weak I felt the tongue move in my mouth And I began to speak A strange kind of language I don’t understand A babbling...

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Welcome To My World

Depeche Mode - Welcome To My World Lyrics Welcome to my world Step right through the door Leave your tranquilizers at home You don’t need them anymore All the drama queens have gone And the devil got dismayed He backed up and fled this town His masterplan delayed And if you stay a while I’ll penetrate your soul I’ll bleed into your dreams You’ll want to lose control...

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