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Delta Machine Tour European Support Acts (Part II)

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Delta Machine Tour European Support Acts (Part II)

Continuing our look at the support acts confirmed for the first two legs of the Delta Machine Tour, in this post we look at three more artists who will support Depeche Mode during the second half of the European leg of the tour.

In the previous post we covered F.O.X, Diamond Version, HTDW and Trentemøller (you can find that post here). In this post we look at Douglas J McCarthy, Matthew Dear, and Chvrches. A final post in this series will cover the two principal acts announced for the North American leg: Bat For Lashes and Crystal Castles.

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Douglas J McCarthy

Douglas J McCarthy

Douglas J McCarthy

After producing 5 critically acclaimed and still very influential albums in EBM and industrial electronic circles with Nitzer Ebb in the 1980s and 1990s, Douglas McCarthy took a bit of a break from music. He focused his attentions on film studies and design and moved to London to work in the advertising field.

But the lure of his first love was always there, and his connection to Depeche has extended past their similar origins in 80s Essex and as Mute Records acts.

He has appeared on recordings by Recoil (ex-DM member Alan Wilder) and has released material in collaboration with Terence Fixmer as Fixmer/McCarthy. He also contributed his trademark voice to tracks by Die Krupps, Motor, Kloq and Client (who were the first act signed by Andy Fletchers’ record label).

DJMs first solo album Kill Your Friends has recently been released, again to positive acclaim. He will showcase the new album on a mini tour in the States during May 2013 together with Cyrus Rex before joining DM in Europe for 4 support shows.

The audiences at those shows are going to be fortunate enough to experience not just one legendary artists in Depeche Mode, but two.

See DJM Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

11/06 – Leipzig
13/06 – Copenhagen
15/06 – Paris
17/06 – Hamburg

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Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear

He is described as an American music producer, DJ and electronic avant-pop artist on his Wikipedia entry. Pitchfork calls him an “illusionist” and suggests that he produces “slithery electro-pop” characterised by his darkly decadent voice.

The Texas born, now Detroit & Brooklyn resident, has released five full length solo albums over the past ten years. Much of it reveals his wide ranging influences: the avant-gardeness of Bowie, the rythmic funk of Talking Heads, the gritty electronics of Nitzer Ebb. And underscoring it all is the beat of Detroit Techno. It’s genius.

Dear has also released music under his various alias: Audion, False and Jabberjaw. But it is his self-named solo work that he’ll be showcasing as a support artist in Europe with Depeche Mode. His fifth album Beams was released in late-2012 so expect to hear and see a good number of tracks from it on stage.

And if you haven’t discovered Matthew Dear yet, take a few moments to explore his work – it’s definitely worth your while. Witness “Her Fantasy” in the video below for proof…

See Matthew Dear Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

29/06 – Kiev
03/07 – Dusseldorf
09/07 – Locarno
16/07 – Nimes
20/07 – Rome

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Yes, it’s Churches. They decided to use the Roman V instead of the u to avoid getting Google-smacked by all the actual churches on the internet. It worked. The young (they formed officially in early 2012) Scottish electro-pop outfit rank number one on any search for “chvrches”.

Lead vocalist and occasional keyboardist Lauren Mayberry has been playing piano and drums for years. Her voice is angelic. But she has a law degree and is a journalism major as well. You know, just in case the music thing doesn’t work. I don’t think she need worry. Together with her partners Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, Chvrches are destined for a long successful musical future.

The band have just released Recover EP to hold fans off while they also work on completing their debut album. In addition they are lining up to tour America in May, and will still manage -thankfully- to squeeze in 3 dates to support DM on the first leg of their European tour.

It’s pure synth electro perfection. I hope not to recover.

See Chvrches Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

18/07 – Milan
23/07 – Prague
25/07 – Warsaw

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In the next post we’ll look at the two support acts announced for North America: Bat For Lashes and Crystal Castles.

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