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Delta Machine Tour European Support Acts (Part I)

Posted on Mon, 15 Apr 2013 in news, tour | 8 comments

Delta Machine Tour European Support Acts (Part I)

Last week saw a string of new Depeche Mode Delta Machine Tour dates being added – mostly to the European Winter Leg – as well as a number of confirmed Support Act appointments for the majority of the tours’ first two legs. 

In this post Modesa takes a look at what support is on offer for the first half of the European dates. In total (so far) seven different acts have been announced to support Mode in Europe, with a handful of dates yet to be confirmed. We’ll look at the remaining European support acts as well as the North America support acts in separate posts soon.

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Just a few short months ago F.O.X were getting ready to release their debut album as a 4-piece band from Essex called Angry Versus The Bear. Then their drummer left the group for “personal reasons” and F.O.X was born with the remaining three members still in place.

A rapid rebranding later and Chimera the debut album 4 years in the making was released in late January under the F.O.X banner.

Foxy (sorry but she is, and I couldn’t resist) front woman Mitzi Fox carries the vocals for the bands’ big soaring electro-punk-pop tunes. With Patrick Monahan and Darren Barker in tow providing guitar, keyboards and sundry sounds the group have recently returned home after a successful tour of the US where they supported The Deer Tracks and performed independently at the SxSW Festival in Austin, Texas. (It’s rumoured that it was through their SxSW shows that they were noticed by the Mode people?)

Now that we know who F.O.X are, we can comfortably say that they are a great selection to open for DM next month. F.O.X are scheduled for 5 of the first 6 Delta Machine shows (excluding Tel Aviv).

Oh, and it’s pronounced phonetically as in Ef Oh Ex, not “fox” as in the animal.

See F.O.X Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

04/05 – Nice
10/05 – Athens
12/05 – Sofia
15/05 – Bucharest
17/05 – Istanbul

Find Out More About F.O.X

Watch F.O.X

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Diamond Version

Diamond Version

Diamond Version

Diamond Version is a Mute Records-based collaboration between veteran experimental artists Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender (Byetone), perhaps best known as two of the minds behind Germany’s Raster-Noton label.

Diamond Version draw their inspiration from “digital short message information culture”—that is, those incessant corporate slogans and advertising sound bites that are never far from a modern consumer’s eyes and ears. Fusing electronics, staccato beats, light and art, theirs is more art than music.

They make a fine fit to open for Depeche Mode in Europe.

See Diamond Version Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

19/05 – Belgrade
21/05 – Budapest
23/05 – Zagreb
22/06 – Moscow
24/06 – St. Petersburg
27/07 – Vilnius
29/07 – Minsk

Find Out More About Diamond Version

Watch Diamond Version

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How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well is the musical project of Tom Krell who splits his time between Brooklyn and Cologne. Krell began HTDW quietly in late 2009 when he released a series of free mp3 tracks and an EP via the projects’ web site. Since then though How To Dress Well has two completed albums out (Love Remains and Total Loss) and has been performing extensively over the past year.

The music is an ethereal R&B delivered with hauntingly beautiful falsetto voice, and layered accompainment. It is very, very good.

Whether it will work in support of DM at HTDWs single support performance in London though remains to be seen. If his performance is well received, we may yet see How To Dress Well back on the bill later on in the year during the tours’ Winter Leg.

See HTDW Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

28/05 – London

Find Out More About How To Dress Well

Watch How To Dress Well

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His is probably one of the slightly better known names on the Delta Machine Tour support acts roster. Andreas Trentemøller is the Danish electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and remixer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His work is filmic and ambient. Broad audio soundscapes often supplemented by breathy female guest vocalists. Trentemøller has released two solo albums so far (The Last Resort in 2006 and Into the Great Wide Yonder in 2010) and has toured both extensively throughout Europe. When performing live he is joined on stage by live drum and guitar.

Trentemøller gets 6 dates to party with Mode on the tour, including the second night in London and the first couple of nights in Germany.

See Trentemøller Support Depeche Mode on the Delta Machine Tour

29/05 – London
01/06 – Munich
03/06 – Stuttgart
05/06 – Frankfurt
07/06 – Bern
09/06 – Berlin

Find Out More About Trentemøller

Watch Trentemøller

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In upcoming posts we’ll look at the other support acts, including Douglas J McCarthy, Matthew Dear, Chvrches, Bat For Lashes and Crystal Castles.

Part 2 covering Douglas J McCarthy | Matthew Dear | Chvrches

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  1. You probably cant find to much info about F.O.X because until just a few months ago they were called Angry Versus The Bear. One of the members left and the 3 remaining renamed the band. Look around for AvB info and you should find the right F.O.X from there. The one you have now is definitely not the right one.

    • Just discovered that through the Playing The Angel site a little earlier too. Thanks for the heads-up Bob, off to make changes to the post.

  2. Oh, nice looking site you have here by the way.

    • Very kind of you to say, thank you.

  3. That Trentemoller track you have in your post…Shades of Marble… those opening first 10 seconds are so totally Question Of Time! He is going to get the crowds partying in prep for Mode, especially in Germany where he is huge.

    Don’t know much about the others although I think I saw FOX when they were still the other band a couple of years back at a random festival or something. The lass looks familiar from then. And you right, she is pretty hot :P

    • Yip, definitely hear QoT in the opening to the Trentemoeller song. That’s probably why I chose it for this post… :)

  4. Chvrches is also gonna support DM,and amazing band.

    • Agreed, Chvrches is fantastic and a great fit for DM. The 2nd part of our posts on the Delta Machine support acts will include info on them. Look for it later today….

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