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DM Get Solid Reviews For First O2 Show

Posted on Wed, 29 May 2013 in review, tour | 0 comments

The Basildon Boys returned to London last night for their first of two Delta Machine Tour shows in the O2 Arena.

The first reviews of their performance (from the London Evening Standard) are positive, with both critic and reader scoring the band a healthy 4-star rating.

Traditionally, Depeche Mode struggle to complete a tour without hospitalisations, nervous breakdowns and drug-induced near-death experiences. The mammoth Delta Machine trek will keep the Basildon trio on the world’s streets until February but if last night’s flawlessly executed lesson in how to play arenas was any yardstick, they are in control at last. Fingers crossed.

If Martin Gore is the creative fulcrum of an act who have sold 100 million albums and Andy Fletcher the intra-band glue, Dave Gahan is the tattooed, wrigglesome frontman who has managed the transformation from baby-faced heroin maven to grizzled rocker with surprising maintenance of dignity. During Never Let Me Down, the finale of their first London show since 2010, Gahan shed his waistcoat. Disappointingly, he looked better topless than any man of 51 has a right to and the video backdrop to Heaven confirmed that, perhaps uniquely, he even looks like the consummate rock star while wearing welder’s goggles.

More rally than mere gig, this was no trawl through the hits. After 32 years, the perfect pop of Just Can’t Get Enough needed tinkering rather than renovation; Walking In My Shoes and A Question Of Time were given exhilarating makeovers but maybe too many singles were omitted in favour of newer material. Then again, Depeche Mode have always been a law unto themselves. They still count: in large amounts.

[sourced from London Evening Standard]

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