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Live on Jonathan Ross Show

Posted on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 in media, news | 1 comment

Live on Jonathan Ross Show

31 March 2013 @ 09:45

The lads made a very rare ppearance on UK television last night, appearing on ITVs Jonathan Ross Show for an interview and then a performance of “Heaven”.

The interview portion was typical Wossy fodder. Crass humour, discussion and a search for genital piercings (which illicited a fairly personal revelation from Dave), and a little too much focus on Dave’s drug past.

Fletch managed to get in a snappy reply to a question about the bands’ popularity in the UK, while Martin was very quiet throughout, and looked either bored or just plain tired.

Here’s the interview segment:

And here’s the performance segment:

1 Comment

  1. Okay so Ross was a little infantile, but that’s par for the course with him. I think DM handled the interview very well. Great to see them looking and sounding so good.

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