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Soothe My Soul Official Video

Posted on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 in news, video | 2 comments

Soothe My Soul Official Video

The official video for Soothe My Soul (the 2nd “Delta Machine” single) just dropped.

And it’s very, very sexy.

And square.

Mode bring über sexiness back!

Prepare for a boob flash or two, put it in high definition, full screen it and crank that volume up!

More video details once we have them.


  1. Oh my nerves!! she can soothe my soul any day :)
    Great video, great track. Much better as a single than Heaven was.

    • We agree – it is an awesome video. And it sure is a more commercially accessible single compared to Heaven. That said, we love Heaven as a song in its’ own right too.

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