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Video: Depeche Mode “Broken” In-Studio Version

Posted on Tue, 30 Apr 2013 in news | 0 comments

Video: Depeche Mode “Broken” In-Studio Version

Fantastic newly released in-studio video version of the band performing “Broken”.

Love the different arrangement and sound of this version of one of my personal favourites from Delta Machine.

Dave’s voice is in comfortably the best shape it’s been for ages, and the emotion charged delivery in the video is phenomenal.

Seeing Fletch getting more screen time than just the usual “Andy claps his hands” scene is an added bonus too!

Would be very pleased to see this one, the other in-studio versions released so far, and any others that may be floating around, put together on an official release (even if it is just a special edition EP type thing.)

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